Product Features

Three core elements combine to create our effective filtration solution.


This is the heart of this new technique. It ensures that a porous body allows gas to pass through the filter and leaves all dust particulate on the surface of the filter. The filter even removes PM 2.5 dust and has a measurable HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) performance. This is the highest performing filter used in industrial scale filter plant and gives unsurpassable performance with dust emission levels below 2 mg/m3. It can operate at high temperatures even up to 900°C without damage and because it is ceramic it possesses the ability to withstand chemical attack even under the most aggressive conditions.


The surface of the fibrous ceramic accumulates dust particles and if a suitable chemical sorbent is used the dust cake on the filter surface gives an ideal bed for acid gas scrubbing to remove SO2, SO3 and HF and HCl gases. This technique is well proven and forces the acid gases into very close proximity with the sorbent, ensuring that the reaction rate is extremely high while sorbent levels are kept to a minimum. These acid gas scrubbing reactions can take place at high efficiency levels at temperatures up to 350°C which enables the filter plant to be operated at temperatures in excess of acid dewpoints where many problems with corrosion and dust handling can occur with old techniques.


The open porous interior of the filter is the ideal location for a catalyst that will reduce emissions of NOx and VOCs and dioxins. The ability to operate at higher temperatures allied with the high removal efficiency of fine particles provides an ideal reaction bed for the catalyst to work. The filter prevents the blocking or blinding of the catalyst by fine dust particles and also prevents chemical poisons from reducing catalytic activity. This will maintain not only very high levels of efficiency but will also extend the working life of the catalyst.


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