What is special about the product supplied by FLKCAT Ltd?

The top of the range product that FLKCAT supplies is a high performing catalytic product embedded within a fibrous ceramic matrix. This technology enables three categories of pollutant, dust particles, SOx and NOx to be removed in a single step.

Why is this so special?

By combining these three functions it is possible to reduce the number of items in the air pollution control equipment. This in turn reduces the cost of air pollution control equipment.

Are there any other benefits?

The fibrous ceramic matrix and the catalyst are capable of operating at high temperatures up to 350oC, where the pollutants can be effectively removed from the process gas stream. This again can offer cost savings over the old standard technologies.

Is this technology reliable?

The fibrous ceramic matrix and the catalyst have successfully been used separately to treat air pollution issues for many years. The FLKCAT product has developed a process to combine these two technologies with the added benefits that the matrix provides a perfect medium for the catalyst to operate – protecting the catalyst and enhancing the performance. This has been demonstrated again and again.

This must be expensive. Is it?

The heart of the filtration equipment, the fibrous ceramic itself is quite expensive, but when the overall package is viewed there will be cost savings on the total equipment package and running costs can actually be much lower than old classical technologies too. So not only will you have a superior performing product you will probably also save money over alternative technologies.

Do I really need to buy equipment that removes pollutants to such low levels?

It is increasing likely that legislative bodies will set tougher and tougher standards. Indeed in Europe and the USA the limits must reflect the capabilities of abatement technology and the Best Available Technology is therefore recommended. This is then a wise investment to enable compliance into the future without the added expense and further disruption of plant modification.


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