Various technologies have been developed to prevent emissions of pollutants to atmosphere for over 100 years and industry has welcomed these as a valuable tool to minimise the impact of pollutants on our environment. These technologies all have their pros and cons and must be employed where the limitations of their component parts dictate.

Very rarely a new technology emerges that can easily be incorporated within an industrial process without too many compromises; where the technology best utilises the operating conditions to give a vastly superior performance at lower capital and operational costs. In this case it is fair to say that the new hybrid ceramic filter incorporating a catalyst really has been a technological breakthrough and it offers some major benefits to industry in combating the release of air pollutants.

Ceramic filters have been used for many years to remove particulates, even very fine sub-micron particulates, from process gas streams. The filters have proven to be very efficient and very durable withstanding high temperatures and corrosive conditions.

Also vanadium pentoxide based catalysts have been used for many years as part of SCR systems to reduce NO and NO2 emissions to atmosphere and the performance is well understood.

Our new technology has been refined to optimise performance; it is available now to replace the old techniques and has rapidly become the new standard.

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